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My journey with TTR CrossFit began June 22, 2015.  At that point, I was weighing in at over 250 pounds.  I had just returned from taking my annual physical, at which my doctor at told me that she wanted me to go on blood pressure and cholesterol medications. It was at this moment that I decided it was time for change.  I was not going on meds, I was going to work.  I went to Edwin [Whitaker] and told him that I was ready to make a change and start CrossFit with him.  The first workout was what I thought had to be the worst workout of my life.  Little did I know; the second day was going to be even worse.  But like Edwin told me, “Sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield”.  Early on, believe me, I was always the bug.  Now, a year, a new diet, and a lot of hard work later, I am weighing in at 210, gone from a size 38 to 34 (and that’s still a little loose) and my blood pressure is down to 110/61.  The look on the doctor’s face when she looked at my numbers was great!  Even though I’m still not close to where I want to be, this has been a life changing experience.  From the nutrition to the workouts, to the feeling of no longer having as many of those “bug” days.  Thanks for helping me change my life!!

Mack Malone


Joining TTR CrossFit has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself! Over the years, through a tough marriage, having children, a divorce and learning how to make it on my own again, I stopped taking care of me. I’d known for years that I needed to make permanent changes for my health but wasn’t very motivated to do it. I mean, why bother, right??

And then three amazing ladies from work convinced me to try CrossFit. My first thought? “Ya’ll are crazy!!” But I went with them…and let me tell you…that first week I thought I’d never be able to move without pain. And I learned just how out of shape I really was!! But I made it through that first week…and I continued to go!

For someone who has never been athletic, I have been amazed with the changes in myself since starting a crossfit life. And yes that’s what is…a life. With consistent work and making slow changes to my eating habits, I have accomplished so much. Building muscle, losing inches and gradually losing weight. I feel so much better and my endurance has increased dramatically.

TTR CrossFit is beyond just a fitness center. It is a place to come for encouragement, motivation and training. It is a family of people who only want to see each other do their best and improve! Edwin is an incredible coach. He works with all skill levels. He modifies the workout for each individual as needed and he knows when to push you to do far more than you ever thought you could! If you’re ready to make a change…this is the place to be!!


Amanda James