Coach Kelly

Kelly is a native Houstonian, a wife, mom of 2 and started her fitness journey after a life changing Stroke in 2010 which forever changed her life. After a year of recovery Kelly started on the treadmill to begin her fitness and wellness journey and landed her at her very first CrossFit box in 2012. Much like many people, it only took one class for her to get hooked. “I love the community of CrossFit, the support and how people of all sizes are encouraged to work out. There’s no judgement, only support and amazing people!” Kelly understands many of the struggles fitness, weight loss, family and recovery. Although she’s lost and kept off over 60 pounds she still continues her wellness journey and is an encourager and motivator.

Kelly followed her new found passion in her post stroke journey & she set out to help others in the fitness/wellness area. Kelly is a Certified Health Coach and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and coaches lifestyle workshops to businesses and families. She also loves to volunteer and present on healthy living topics.

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certificate
Certified Health Coach