Coach Rosa

Coach Rosa’s background is diverse to say the least.

She was born in Sydney, Australia, raised in upstate New York and speaks Spanish fluently since both her parents are from Chile.

She met her husband Aaron while attending college and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Media Journalism Studies. After graduating SUNY Geneseo in 2005 Rosa followed a career in television news as a reporter for the following 12 years.

It wasn’t until 2009 when she was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes that Rosa became interested in fitness. T1D is an auto-immune disease where the pancreas attacks the cells that create insulin, ultimately causing the person affected to have to inject the hormone in order to regulate their blood sugar.

While researching the disease, Rosa learned the positive impact weightlifting and exercise had on controlling blood glucose and increasing insulin sensitivity.

In February 2012, Rosa tried her first WOD and immediately fell in love with the sport. Later that year, she earned her CF-L1 and began coaching part-time at CrossFit Advanced in Easton, PA while reporting at the local news station WFMZ in Allentown.

While seven months pregnant, Rosa and her husband Aaron moved to Texas in July 2017 and shortly after, gave birth to their daughter Elena. It was after this transition that she decided to switch careers and dedicate herself to coaching full-time.

Rosa received her CF-L2 in Nov. 2018, has ​a certificate from The CrossFit Gymnastics Course and is a certified L1 coach with USA Weightlifting.